Easy Refill First Aid Kits

We believe in helping people.

Bringing first aid back to basics.

When life throws a curve-ball and unexpected accidents happen, we all want to be prepared to help. Helping someone in need is an instinct, it’s an inseparable part of us. And when does someone need more help than when they are injured? That’s why we do first aid, for life.

It goes without saying, to be able to help when someone needs it most we must be properly first aid prepared. It’s vital that our first aid kits are as ready as you are to respond quickly and effectively.

That’s why we’d like to introduce you to the Easy-Refill First Aid Kit by FastAid.

The latest innovation for the first aid industry, Easy-Refill is changing the way you first aid forever. More than ever before, workplaces need easy, contactless and self-service first aid solutions that enable a safe and compliant work environment while at the same time getting expenses back under control.

We know we cannot afford to have our workplaces unprepared and non-compliant. We must do everything we can to help and protect our people. So if you want to take control of your first aid and be ready to help when its needed most, Easy-Refill is here to give you a hand.

Easy-Refill. Worry less.

1. Choose your case

Fixed metal wall cabinet or grab and run soft case. Space for modules and extras. Your choice.

2. Easy to use

Integrated first aid action guide and colour coded contents.  Simplify and save time.

3. Easy to Refill

24/7 online refilling with our simple to use visualiser. No more service fees. No more waiting.
It’s that easy.

4. Control Compliance

First aid compliance doesn’t have to be complicated. Instant visual on open, used and expired contents. Get control.

+ WHS 2019 compliant for up to 25 persons
+ Australian Standards AS2675-1983 (Size B) compliant

5. Reduce Costs

Prevent overstocking, cut service fees, reduce administrative time and costs. Hassle free.

Refill online. Cut costs.
No hassle.

Our online visualiser makes refilling your kit fast and easy! You can order replacement consumables for your kit within minutes.

Online consumable orders will be sent to and fulfilled by the FastAid stockist that you purchased your Easy-Refill kit from. Every Easy-Refill kit contains a unique serial ID to ensure your local stockist is assisting you with replenishments.

Access the visualiser 24/7. Eliminate service costs and get control of your first aid!


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