Low Voltage Switchboard Rescue Kit



The (LVSBRKIT) Low Voltage Switchboard Rescue Kit is designed to be used by a safety observer for the safe rescue of victims of electrical shock and other injuries when working on Low Voltage switchboards and substations.The kit is designed to comply with Australian Standard AS4836 requirements Safe Working On Low Voltage Electrical Installations.

Kit consists of:

  • Weatherproof bag, orange high visibility, synthetic non tear material.Low Voltage Switchboard Rescue Kit
  • Unique Emergency “Glow In The Dark” Strip.
  • LV Rescue crook fiberglass, 25mm Dia ,Double insulated overmould handle.
  • Insulated gloves, size 11, 1000V
  • Emergency isolation sign 260 x 175mm
  • Fire Blanket 1800 x 1200mm (AS/NZS 3504)
  • Torch LED dolphin non-conductive 2x D size batteries
  • Multi trauma dressing EO sterilized
  • Thermal accident shock blanket
  • CPR face mask(CE Approved)
  • List of contents and conformity card


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