Geoloc New Generation AED – Fully Automatic One Button



CONFIDENCE IN SAVING LIVES  Available with GeoLoc cloud-based tracking and monitoring!

SGA-B0991 (Power 360J)

Fully Automatic PAD
User-friendly Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) reliable for any rescuer even without minimal training. Designed for a public access use and licensed to administer fast and safe treatment against cardiac arrest, anytime and before EMS team arriving. Practical, intuitive with CPR guidance and clear instructions supporting the rescuer through the protocol for an effective lifesaving action. Small and lightweight, works with long-life batteries for a maximum portability. The right solution to save lives anywhere: home, offices, schools, hotels, airports, trains, beaches, sport facilities, discos, dentists, etc.

Disposable Battery (up to 400 shocks or 6 years Long-Life Batteries: in standby mode)
Rechargeable Battery (up to 400 shocks)
Capable on Anyone: Pre-connected defibrillation pads
for adult patients (>8 years old or >25Kg) or children
(1-8 years old or <25Kg) with reduced energy
Several Protocols: Escalating energy from 50 to 360J
(customizable adult shock protocols)
Data Management: SD Card accepted for recording till 80
hours of ECG, events, voice
operator and environmental.
Optional Irda port for data transmission to thermal printer
“Saver View Express” patient
managing software.

Mini LCD status display
new long lasting battery 6 years in standby mode
SD Card
USB Port
1Gbit internal memory (128 MB)

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Weight 3 kg


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